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These Sweet Life USA Author’s made their dream a reality with Author Coaching!

Jack Perry became an author through Sweet Life USA one-on-one coaching in just 3 weeks!

The Other Side of Anger By Jack Perry, Jr.  www.sourcepointcoaching.com

2017 Authors By Sweet Life USA Coaching: 

Lacene Stussi, Gigi's Heart, Legacy of Life and Love

Michelle Deraney, Super Hero Single Mom, If I Can Do It, You Can Do It, Too!

Cindi McCann, Is Anyone Up There? How I Discovered that God Loves the Saved, the Unsaved, and, Me

Michael Meyer, The Ancestor, A Family Legacy of the Greatest Tragedy of the Civil War - Andersonville Prison

Connie Jones, Warrior Arise! How to Live a Life of Gratitude and Empowerment

Deborah Leigh Bennett. I Got This. -God, A Journey of Grace

2018 Authors By Sweet Life USA Coaching: 

Christine Turner, Beloved, A Story of Victory After Childhood Sexual Abuse

Joyce Green, Know God, Know Peace, Everyday Living in God’s Peace

2019 Authors By Sweet Life USA Coaching: 

Elisabeth Akers, Grace to See, Living with the Enemy, My Story of Survival

Sofia Q. Holand, 3 Stepbrothers, A Novel for Young Adults

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  • America Prayed, God Answered: Seeds for Global Awakening for the Nations! Releasing in July 2019! It is the Third book in the Patriotic, God-inspired Trilogy!

  • Courage for Cinderella: Re-write Your Own Happily Ever After When you Discover Life Isn't A Fairytale…A perfect resource for life after transition! Look for the Cinderella Ball this year!

  • An online coaching program will be accessible 24/7. Coming Soon!

  • A Speaking Tour of the 50 State Capitals By 55! America is Awake. Hear our True Stories and Testimonies of God's Faithfulness and Direction for America. It’s time to launch your Great Commission!