Patriotic Speaks for The Military Community, Civic Groups, Conservative, Church & Corporate America

Her inspiring message to change Divorce Due to Duty to Married 4 Life will hit home for Military Soldiers & Military Spouses. Invite Jacqueline to make an impact on the #2 epidemic in the U.S. Military!

Invite Jacqueline to make an impact on your next Event. Hear about God's faithfulness on her radical walk of faith across America and her true stories of miracles, signs, wonders and God-given testimonies. Be inspired to pick up your dreams and believe in the impossible for yourself and America.                                                    

With God All Things Are Possible. -Mark 19:23-30. 

As a Military Spouse of 23 years and, post 9-11, a Single Mom to Five Children, Jacqueline can give Insight that truly impacts The Military Family and Re-focuses the vision from Divorce Due to Duty to Married4Life!

Your life will be changed by this inspiring Patriotic & Christian Author, Featured Military Family, Patriotic, Veteran's and Community Event Speaker, Patriotism and Military Family Spokesperson and Unique Author's Coach. Her message appeals to a diverse audience, ignites a curiosity for self-exploration, and inspires many to make life-changing, bold moves. 

It's a Now Message for all of America! Just Ask Eastmont Baptist Women's Ministry. Ask Peachtree City Kiwaniis International, Ask Braselton Rotary International, Ask Winder, GA Veteran's Day Event Planners, Ask Pinewood Movie Studios, Ask WATC 57 and millions of viewers from The Christian View and Atlanta Live, Ask GO Church International, Ask Military OCS Community Groups, ask Georgia State University, ask Arbor Terrace Senior Living Veteran's Day Event Coordinator, ask All Nations Radio...and, many more hosts - testimonials from Events, TV and Radio programs, where Jacqueline has been featured as a Guest and Key Note Speaker! 

On faith, Jacqueline has traveled to all 50 states (Read more in God & Country by Jacqueline Arnold). She welcomes new invitations to speak throughout the 50 states again, to share the fruits of America's Prayers and God's faithfulness. If you have supported Franklin Graham's speaks for Decision America, you will want to make a way to invite Jacqueline to share how God answers prayers and brought her to some of these same sites to agree with heaven for answers. 

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