Become a Battle Buddy for the Military Family

 The Mission: Offer Love, Hope, & Patriot Paks© to The Military Family, and Impact #Divorce Due to Duty & #Married for Life

  The Battle Plan: Distribute 1Million Patriot’s Paks© to soldiers and their families through supporting organizations.

What’s included in a patriot’s pak©?

Award-Winning Book As Told by a former military spouse, jacqueline arnold

The Military Family: A Casualty of War No More!

A True Story of a former Army Spouse that showcases the impact of career military service on the entire military family and how Americans can get involved to make a difference and impact the epidemic of divorce due to duty.

“Every American needs to read this story. It’s compelling and, there are many other families out there.” – Retired General, U.S. Army

7 Loving Habits of Military Families 

A helping tool especially written to help military families heal and create a vision of Family for Life to stay Mission-Ready. This focus on the most important Mission for Life, can also impact the #1 epidemic of suicide statistics among Military Soldiers and Military Spouses! It is uniquely offered in downloadable format so soldiers can access it from anywhere in the world Uncle Sam sends them! 

Uniquely selected patriotic items:

Military Family Patriot Pak
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  • The countdown calendar used to journal family events during deployments and separations 
  • A patriotic pencil
  • An educational, Patriotic bookmark for the kids
  • A Patriotic Postcard to include a hand-written Patriotic love note of encouragement from the Donor
  • Delivered in an embossed draw string mesh bag covered with hearts

help spread love to the military!

Your generous donation of $35 will provide the Patriot’s Paks to soldiers and their families

One million opportunities to say thank you for your service and No! to the battles on the home front. 


To support this mission, Visit giving levels available.

Your generous donation of $35 will provide the Patriot’s Pak and shipping/distribution to those soldiers and families identified through: 

  • Gratitude America Couple Retreats for Military Families in Transition
  • The Eden-Project Transition Support for Soldiers and Spouses in Crisis
  • Sweet Life USA speaking engagements for The Military Family Advocacy
  • Armed Forces Mission Training for Suicide Intervention & Soldiers in Crisis
  • USO Hubs (200), supporting 10Million Soldiers annually
  • Chaplains at each of the 800 Military Installations Globally
  • Soldiers Currently Deployed Fighting For Our Freedoms, 300,000 
  • Military Spouses thru Family Services and Military Installations, 500,000

Become a battle buddy today/SUGGESTED GIVING LEVELS:

  •   5 Patriot Paks - $175
  •   10 Patriot Paks - $350
  •   20 Patriot Paks - $700
  •   30 Patriot Paks - $1000 /includes 2 Bonus Paks
  •   150 Patriot Paks - $5000/Includes 8 Bonus Paks

Add An Extra Military Family Book: 5 Books @$20=$100, 10 Books@$20=200, 25 Books @20=$500

All checks made out to Sweet Life USA. *Not a 501C3, but a worthy mission

Support the Mission to Eradicate Divorce Due to Duty,