Jacqueline M. Arnold

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Champion of Patriotism • Event Speaker

award-winning Christian & PATRIOTIC Author

 Co-Host of The Christian View & Atlanta Live, WATC-57, 


Are you Worried for America? Do you Fear that the America you Grew up in won’t be there for your Children and your Grand-Children?



My dream is to inspire America to Action for Renewed Patriotism and Standards of Excellence in these crucial times so that she will have a Sudden Turnaround and Be Restored to God’s ways, and we can go on living our Sweet Life and Leave a Legacy for our children and grand-children, and make the world a better place.

What’s your Dream?

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Together, we will discover All Things Are Possible and, America's BEST DAYS are ahead - STILL. 


Jacqueline is a Christian Author's Category Award Winner (Xulon Press). The Military Family: A Casualty of War No More! As Told By a Former Military Spouse; A former Army spouse of 23 years, mother of three Eagle Scouts and lifetime Boy & Girl Scout leadership volunteer sheds light on the impact of Military Career Service on families and how America can help make a difference. She is also a Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient (2016), and a Subject Matter Expert on Patriotism, Military Families and Leadership, and Host of soon-to-be launched Patriotic TV Show, God & Country

promoting the Spirit of America Days.

this is A NOW Message for America.

Transformational Patriotic/Christian Speaks and Books, Ideal for Military Communities, Soldier and Spouse Events, Patriotic Ceremonies, Community Events, Rallies, Churches, Women's & Civic Events. TV Spokesperson. 

Books are Available at sweetlifeusa.com or Kindle versions on amazon.com.

JAcqueline is a military relocation professional, referring realtor, helping military veterans & soldiers on the move. Choosing her to list your house and support your next move, helps to fund the patriotic initiatives you see on these pages. contact her at: jackiearnold@kw.com/678-357-5404/770-632-1112.

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I believe All Things are Possible for me, for my family for my neighborhood, for my community, for my country, for you and yours - and, for all of us. – Jacqueline Arnold

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