Ignite The Spirit of America for God & Country!


My dream is to Ignite The Spirit of America for God & Country from Coast to Coast. I envision an annual observance of patriotism for America and for American flags to fly from every home, inspiring esprit de corps and unity.


Ignite SAM through a God-inspired program of patriotism, supported by small town mayors and communities and a grassroots movement of #WethePeople. The Spirit of America Days is the glue that will #UniteAmericaAgain.

 My dream is for everyone who lives on American soil to embrace a specific Action Plan for faith, family, flags, community service, and a return to American values for God & Country, in an Annual Observance of Patriotism, Memorial Day through Fourth of July.  

It’s SIMPLE. FAith. Family. Flags.

Post your Flags. Meet your Neighbors. Recommit to your Families. Make a CHOICE to Dream for America again and BELIEVE God for more for our country. (Read more at America Prayed, God Answered, Seeds for Global Awakening by Jacqueline Arnold)

The Details of the Specific 52 Action Step Program can be found at sweetlifeusa.com/action-steps

Anyone living on American soil can participate. It's who we are - a melting pot of people, lives and souls - yet, our nation was established as One Nation Under God. It is the establishment of this covenant that has allowed us to be a blessed and strong country. 

Its Time to Unite. Its Time to Wake up. Its America's Time.


 I believe All Things are Possible for me, for my family, for my neighborhood, for my community, for my country, for you  - for all of us. 

Won't you take a minute to learn more?
For God & Country - for You, Me & America.

Jacqueline M. Arnold, American Citizen, Champion of Patriotism and Author,  God and Country: All Things Are Possible