1. PLEDGE TO OBSERVE The Spirit of America Days, Memorial Day through Fourth of July every year with these specific activities of family re-dedication, neighborhood gatherings, volunteerism and community involvement. Spread more love and let your patriotism show for God & Country. Share your memories with Sweet Life USA. Post your Pictures. 

  2. CALL OR WRITE YOUR CONGRESSMAN to support a proclamation for an annual Patriotic Observance in America, The Spirit of America Days, Memorial Day through Fourth of July. This is an effort for a national show of patriotism, volunteerism, family and foundational American values which will unify our country and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come. SAM will strengthen families, revitalize neighborhoods and give vision to communities. Post your letters and your progress on FB @SweetLifeUSA. Share the message with neighbors and family - sweetlifeusa.com.

  3. FLY YOUR AMERICAN FLAG in your yard May 29-July4. Encourage every neighbor to post an American flag or magnetic mailbox cover. Observe proper etiquette and care if posting the flag 24/7. Display bunting as you would holiday lights and decorations. Consider an annual subscription-based flag service, The American Eagle Flag Brigade. (request at www.sweetlifeusa.com ). Be prepared to share why you STAND for the American Flag.
  4. WEAR RED, WHITE & BLUE throughout the 37 days The Spirit of America Days observance.

  5. OBSERVE FLAG DAY. June 14. Fly your flag. Encourage Subscription-based Flag Installation in your Neighborhood. (See American Eagle Flag Brigade Details sweetlifeusa.com). Host an American Flag ceremony at the front of your neighborhood. Pass out hand-held parade flags to neighbors. Attend a ceremony at City Hall.Post the pictures online and send to your local publications. Pray for your President and, send him birthday greetings/notes of appreciation and support on this day. Remember why we are living in this great country. Help us share the love with one another. 

  6. SUPPORT FREEDOM OF SPEECH. WRITE A LETTER TO THE EDITOR of your community newspaper, sharing your heart and actions for America. Encourage others to take a stand with display of flag, patriotism, volunteerism and a return to American values. Know your neighbor; love your neighbor. Take a Stand and Tell the World; inspire others to action.

  7. LEARN IMPORTANT DATES and share the meaning with family at dinner or with friends, neighbors and social media posts, such as: D-Day, Patriot’s Day, Flag Day, Pearl Harbor Day, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day. Discuss why a season for patriotism is desirable, why National pride is important and why we pause to remember these historical dates. Look up interesting Stories of how God has blessed us as a nation and what it means to be under the New Covenant with God. 

  8. MEMORIZE THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER. Attend a baseball game with your family, friend or neighbor. Talk about the game, the National Anthem and America’s past times with your kids and your families. Support a food vendor at the stadium and talk about small business and entrepreneurism in America. Consider helping a new entrepreneur get started. Small business makes America strong and prosperous.

  9. PLAY PATRIOTIC SONGS. Play Lee Greenwood’s God Bless The U.S.A. and Alan Jackson’s Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning? And, traditional songs such as America the Beautiful. Ask the organizations you belong to to play a patriotic song as an anthem at meetings throughout the SAM observation. Commit to remember. Never Forget. America depends on you to take Action, to remember our history, to be grateful for our freedoms, to leave a legacy for the next generation. 
  10. MAKE YOUR TRAVEL PLANS TO SEE AMERICA. #YOURAMERICA. 50 STATES X 50 YEARS. Our National Parks are unbelievable. 

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I Speak America!

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This is a #WeThePeople Grassroots effort that only needs your YES! Be a part of the modern-day Revolution. Believe All Things Are Possible for God & Country - STILL!