The Military Family: a Casualty of War No More!

The Military Family
The Military Family

The Military Family: a Casualty of War No More!


STOP! The #2 Military Epidemic of Divorce Due to Duty by Joining the Battle.

Former military spouse and author Jacqueline Arnold gives a passionate account of her personal experience as a former military spouse and the impact numerous military deployments had on her and her family, leading to divorce. Married to a U.S. Army aviator for 23 years, she and her family experienced separations and deployments, wars and homecomings and multiple moves, including a disastrous move where household goods were damaged by mold and mildew with little retribution.

If you are a military family or have a son, daughter, friend or neighbor in the military you will want to read this transparent account of how war rages on the battlefield and on the home front and how multiple wars and deployments lead to fractured families. You will have a keen awareness of the cost of service and be compelled to jump in and take a stand for military families. This is not their war this is every American’s campaign and call to action. Read about Spirit of America Days and how you can make a difference. Become a Battle Buddy for The Military Family. Your Contributions to Distribute this Award-Winning Book will make a difference to every Military Family.

“Military life is rich and full of benefits and travel, but not without sacrifice,” she said. “I’m here to shed light on the sacrifices made by the entire military family and to create awareness for every American citizen, hoping to foster a spirit of understanding and compassion to the families left behind during deployments. Military family’s lives are forever on hold and their hearts forever seared. By sharing my story, each citizen might find their role in the continuous campaigns and be inspired to reach out and support the military families left waiting, parenting alone, in isolation and often desperation.”

The Military Family is an ideal message for military communities, corporate leaders, family counselors, civic groups, patriotic events, schools and churches.

Ms. Arnold also released other God-inspired Patriotic titles including: God & Country: All Things Are Possible and, America Prayed, God Answered, Seeds for Global Awakening. This trilogy patriotic books, based on her true life story and radical walk of faith with God, makes her an authority for God & Country. You will want to read more.

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