eLph: Finding Boaz & the Keys to His Kingdom. Book 3. Not Yet Published.

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eLph: Finding Boaz & the Keys to His Kingdom. Book 3. Not Yet Published.


eLph — BOOK 3, Eat, Love, Praise Him, Finding Boaz & The Keys to His Kingdom

Not Yet Published

Tools for the next generation so they won't be the lost generation. Plant the seeds, speak the truth, share it in your homes and with your children. God sent me on a journey that began the healing for my broken family. Seeds of unforgiveness scattered everywhere and eventually led to a house divided. A house divided cannot stand. The brokenness and pain led me on a journey of healing and a discovery of family patterns, generational roots that needed pulling and many life events that needed to be revisited to bring closure and healing for my family and the generations to come. Parenting isn’t a perfect process. In America, we have made a mess of our families and the legacy we have created needs tweaking, according to God’s decrees and plan. How can we make it right? I share my story of uncovering God’s truths as a firm foundation for our children to make a fresh start for their future family and relationships. A thought-provoking story where God sent me on a faith-based journey to Cocoa beach, Fl to confront the issues and address the spiritual warfare that was disrupting the peace of my family. This story is a good tool for helping the next generation have a foot up on doing life right, God’s way.

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